MINDPOP, the managing partner of The Creative Learning Initiative, is dedicated to ensuring student success through an arts-rich education. Their hard work and expertise strengthens the fine arts for all students, removes barriers to participation in the fine arts, and enhances fine arts academies.

MINDPOP‚Äôs innovative approach infuses creative learning experiences, professional development, community arts partnerships, and curriculum enhancements into classes ranging from Math to English, Science to History. 


IMG_9429(final)-Brent Hasty

Dr. Brent Hasty
Executive Director

IMG_8934(final)-Joy Selak

Joy Selak
Director of Development and Communications

IMG_9436(final)-Christy Savage

Christy Savage
Project Manager

IMG_9424(final)-Karen Sullivan

Karen Sullivan
Program Manager of the MINDPOP Fellowship for Creative Leadership

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