What is the Creative Learning Initiative?

The Creative Learning Initiative seeks to provide a quality arts-rich education for each and every child in Austin ISD, as well as professional development and ongoing support for teachers in arts-based instruction strategies through the collaborative support between Austin ISD, the City of Austin, MINDPOP, local artists, businesses and philanthropic organizations.

How did the initiative begin?

In 2011, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts selected Austin, Texas as the seventh Any Given Child site.  This designation brought the City of Austin, Austin ISD, MINDPOP, and the arts and philanthropic communities together to address equity in the arts. The goal is to create a plan to assure that students receive the benefits of creative learning across core curriculum subjects and in fine arts instruction.

In December 2012, the Board of Trustees approved the Creative Learning Initiative.  The Board of Trustees was recognized by the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network and National School Boards Association Award Program for their support for and commitment to high-quality arts education in Austin ISD.

Which schools are participating?

School Year Vertical Teams Total Schools No. of Students Impacted No. of Teachers Impacted

McCallum Vertical Team

Travis Vertical Team



(18% of AISD students)


McCallum Vertical Team

Travis Vertical Team

Crockett Vertical Team



(26% of AISD students)


McCallum Vertical Team

Travis Vertical Team

Crockett Vertical Team

Eastside Memorial Vertical Team 



(35% of AISD students)



How can my student’s school become part of the Creative Learning Initiative?

Participation in the Creative Learning Initiative is determined through an application process.  Vertical teams that wish to participate must have a commitment from each principal in the team in order to apply.  If you are a parent interested in bringing the Creative Learning Initiative to your student's campus, please speak with your student's principal and campus organizations (e.g., CAC, PTA, etc.)

What will Austin ISD look like in 10 years?

Over the next 10 years, Austin ISD will transform in a way that will engage the hearts and minds of every student and every teacher. Every student will be given access to integrated arts-based curriculum and creative learning opportunities in school and in their neighborhoods. 


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