IMG_8995(final)-Ruth Lim

Ruth Lim
Director of Bands
P: 512-414-5397

IMG_9009(final)-Lauren Piccione

Lauren Piccione
Asst. Band Director
P: 512-414-5397

IMG_9012(final)-Arnie Yanez

Arnie Yanez
Asst. Band Director
P: 512-414-5397

IMG_8559(final)-Carol Hopkins

Carol Hopkins
Choir Director
P: 512-414-5398

IMG_7459(final)-Mohneesha Washington

Mohneesha Washington
Dance Team Director
P: 512-841-3660

IMG_7608(final)-Kelsey Nussbaum

Kelsey Nussbaum
Orchestra Director
P: 512-841-3724

IMG_8057(final)-Randall Krawl

Randall Krawl
Theatre Director
P: 512-841-3678

IMG_8533(final)-Dawn Piper

Dawn Piper
Visual Art Teacher
P: 512-841-3680

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