IMG_8617(final)-Mary Manceaux

Mary Manceaux
Director of Bands
P: 512-414-5198

IMG_7580(final)-Sergio Valderrama

Sergio Valderrama
Asst. Band Director
P: 512-841-3526

IMG_7589(final)-Lance Thomas

Lance Thomas
Asst. Band Director
P: 512-841-3525

IMG_9203(final)-Lisa Chew

Lisa Chew
Head Choir Director
P: 512-841-3508

IMG_7634(final)-Chelsie Lewis

Chelsie Lewis
Asst. Choir Director
P: 512-841-3508

IMG_7602(final)-Phil Swasey

Phil Swasey
Mariachi & Guitar Director
P: 512-841-6277

IMG_8300(final)-Samantha Stewart

Samantha Stewart
Orchestra Director
P: 512-841-8588

IMG_9308(final)-Bryan Green

Bryan Green
Theatre Director
P: 512-414-5194

IMG_8623(final)-Nancy Shaer

Nancy Shaer
Visual Art Teacher
P: 512-841-3503

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